After the important transformation in Benefit Corporation and the achievement of one of the highest B-Corp score at national and European level, this year N&B publishes its first Impact Report, a clear and transparent document that outlines the results achieved through the company initiatives in 2019 and sets the strategic goals for 2020.
People, Territory, Company Culture, Research & Development, and Partnership: these are the 5 impact areas that define the common benefit objectives set by N&B.

With this publication, N&B officially launches the N&B Family, a new “People branding” initiative that places the People of the N&B Group at the centre and aims to enhance our collaborators by giving all an animated face in form of “avatar”. A way to thank the actors that contributes to building the present and future of the company with commitment and passion.

Inspired and driven by its vision People & Planet First, N&B supports a new way of doing business that generates profits and creates a positive impact on People, Territory and the environment, with the ultimate purpose of improving people’s quality of life and guaranteeing a future to the next generations.

We conclude with a quote of our CEO & President Domenico Scordari: “We are not simply dreamers, we are game changers”, a message that encourages everybody to believe in their dreams and be the change they seek in the world.

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