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It’s the starting point of a new project. We analyze all marketing requirements as well as the product’s wished characteristics. Once it is approved, it can be shared with other departments to start the product development.


Laboratory technicians start to work on the product formulation, evaluating quality, costs and product characteristics to match the requirements and ensure product safety. Once approved, the formula is finalized and the prototype is created.


Once the prototype is approved by all departments concerned, we create a product rendering by including its packaging and submit a targeted offer to the final customer.


Before launching the product, several control processes are drawn up in order to guarantee that the product is safe and that it complies with the current regulation. Several quality testing are developed and official product documents are produced.


If the proposal is approved by the customer, its production will be planned and all needed materials are collected. The final product shall be properly documented and internally reviewed, before proceeding with filling and packaging operations.


Once the production phase is completed, all products are packed, stacked on pallets, registered by our storeman and kept in our warehouse, waiting for all shipping details, as agreed with the customer beforehand.