Born to take care of nature & people

Born in 1966, as a child Domenico Scordari was fascinated by the beauty of nature and plants, so he spent a lot of his childhood  with old local farmers learning from them old traditions and first of all the ancient herbal remedies used to treat small daily complaints. Very soon the strong connection  with his land Salento and his extraordinary passion for nature and natural remedies will make him very important choices in his life. At 15 years old he began   to work in the family company where he learns a strong experience becoming soon a great communicator and  motivator.

But the passion for nature knocked very hard, and so after about 8 years of experience in the world of direct salesfor  the family business, at the age of 23 Domenico decides to follow his dream dedicating himself withenthusiasm to the ancient herbal remedies. He founds  N&B Natura & Benessere in 1989, a small artisanal  production laboratory of herbal extracts and natural solutions to be proposed to doctors, pharmacists anddermatologists as well as in spas.

Guided by a great passion for NATURE from the beginning Domenico Scordari has a very precise objective: contribute to improve the quality of life through research and production of natural solutions for beauty and well-being. From here his decision was to invest all its know-how in the creation, step by step, of a complete production chain: organic farming, extraction of